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Our Hiring Process


Help us Help You Find Work that Works for YOU!

Working in temporary assignments is real employment. That’s why we require you to call and set up an appointment/interview, just as you would if you were to contact a company directly.

Once you come to either our Lancaster or Lebanon branch office – and be sure to do so on time – we’ll have you fill out an application. We also recommend you bring us a resume.

We’ll also speak with you, to see what type of work you’re looking for, what types of positions you’ve held in the past and what kind of availability you have. Depending on our clients’ needs when you come in to register with us, we may be able to send you on an assignment in a day or two.

If we don’t have a position for you right away, we ask that you call us at least once a week to let us know of your availability. If you’re finishing up an assignment either with us or with another staffing service, be sure to call us and let us know you’re available for another assignment.

Please be aware that we may conduct a reference check on you and, depending on what a client’s needs are, you may be asked to undergo a drug test (we can do most of these checks in our offices), a credit check, driver’s license check, and/or an educational/certification check.

Ready to get to work? Contact our Lebanon office by calling (717) 450-5443 or our Lancaster office at (717) 824-4005 or contact us online.