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We provide temporary and permanent placement opportunities for hundreds of individuals every week.

It’s Tough Out There

At Synergy Employment Group, we understand how hard it is to find work, especially if you’ve lost your job.

The looking through job postings, the sending of resumes, the (not) being called in for interviews and then waiting for what can seem to be a lifetime to hear if you’re going to be offered a position (and all too often never hearing at all).

But the job hunt needn’t be THAT hard.

Synergy Employment Group can help you. We have hundreds of temporary positions and even assignments that lead to permanent opportunities with companies across Pennsylvania available every week.

Now, that said, we can’t help everyone as much we’d like to. For one thing, most of our positions are in the light industrial, skilled mechanical and even construction sectors. We do have opportunities in clerical (office) and in management, but not as many, so if we don’t have an opening that fits your skills, we may not be able to help you. (Still, we encourage you to register with us because we are growing, and we hope to have more office/managerial types of opportunities as a result.)

The types of positions we offer include:

These positions can be of an afternoon’s, a day’s, a few days’, a few weeks’ or even a few months’ duration. Most tend to be several days to several weeks long. You’ll be on assignment at one of our client companies as our employee, not the client company’s. Many of our positions can, and definitely do, turn into you becoming an employee of the company (although we can never guarantee this). At the least, our temporary positions are real jobs, giving you real experience and, most importantly, a real paycheck while you look for more permanent employment. In fact, we also recommend that our employees place their time working with us on their resumes – employers look highly at workers who work while looking for work.

Some of our clients want to try people out before taking them on to their own payroll. These temp-to-hire opportunities are a great way for you to prove yourself to an employer. You’ll be sent to a client company as our employee (you might have to interview with the client), and receive your paycheck from us until the employer decides to take you on to its payroll (usually after about three months). You should understand that there’s no guarantee that the company will hire you. Both of you are trying each other out and either the company – or even you! – may decide that the position is not a good fit. That’s the beauty of a temp-to-hire assignment – it’s a great foot-in-the door opportunity for our employees!

So if you’re ready to work and have the skills our client companies need...

take a look at our hiring process page and take a look at our open positions.

Then give us a call at the location nearest you to set up an appointment for an interview.

When we work together, there’s no telling what great Synergy we’ll create!